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Sometimes no website is better than a bad website. Today’s consumers are increasingly web savvy, you’re not only judged by your websites existence, but by the appearance and feel of it as well! There’s nothing worse than searching for a company and not being able to find it. And if you do find a company whose website is substandard, or even worse –ugly! How likely is it that you’ll consider using their services?

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Flash 101
Flash Animation Website Design

Simply stated, ‘website FLASH design’ is a creative way to incorporate images on a website. Using various methods of programming, flash can control things like; webpage animation, picture rotation, picture fade, multi-photo presentations, and streaming video.  Flash is a personal choice, some prefer to add flash for navigational assistance, to support video playback, or simply to draw attention by adding unique features to a webpage. The choice about whether or not to use flash was once complicated. Website design solutions were limited due to the loading time required by dial-up modems and the need for advanced computer programs to support web page design animation. In today’s time, most computers readily support FLASH, so opting for this type of presentation is both visually appealing and highly effective. If you like the looks of flash animation –Great News!  There’s a FLASH website design solution for almost every situation.

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